Become a Member

To become involved in the life of Unitarian Church North, consider joining one of the activity groups, registering for an adult religious education class, or helping out with some aspect of our social justice ministry. You will find information about these opportunities and others elsewhere on this website and by contacting us.

Membership in our church is open to all -- regardless of race, faith background, gender, sexual or affectional orientation, physical ability, or national origin -- who are willing to covenant with this congregation in affirming and promoting our Unitarian Universalist religious principles.

Path to Membership Classes

To enable potential members to learn more about UCN and Unitarian Universalism we offer a two-session Path To Membership series two or three times a year; those considering membership are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this experience. There is no fee, and childcare is provided if requested. We will discuss the history and theological understandings of Unitarian Universalism, and you will meet various church leaders and will learn about how the church operates.

Registration for these classes begins approximately one month before the classes start. Look for sign-up sheets in the west lobby. You can also call the church office to register (262-375-3890).

The Path to Membership Class schedule can be found on the Events page.

Being a Member

A practical definition, and the way to get the most out of membership at UCN includes the following:

  • Church attendance
    Come to church as often as you can. Regular attendance at the Sunday morning service enables us to connect with one another and with the spiritual heart of the church.
  • Spiritual growth
    We believe that each of us is responsible for working toward our own spiritual growth, seeking our own understanding of religious truth within the context of a caring and supportive community. The spiritual heart of any community is centered on a covenant, not a creed.
  • Service to the church
    In becoming part of this church, you become part of our shared ministry with one another and with the community at large. Members are encouraged to participate in some way in the support of both the church and the wider community.
  • Service to others
    Each of us is encouraged to commit our faith to action. Our church provides opportunities for social action and community ministry, but many other opportunities exist in each of our lives. It is our responsibility as Unitarian Universalists to commit to these acts of caring.
  • Financial support
    Membership in our religious community carries with it the inherent expectation that we will pledge a financial gift that reflects both our own personal circumstances and the church's needs.
  • Connection with the wider movement
    Unitarian Universalist churches are individually responsible for their own governance and policies. We are also part of a larger religious movement -- local, district, and national. Honoring the connection to other UU congregations and to the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is an important part of being a Unitarian Universalist.

Membership carries responsibility, but it also transcends a sense of obligation. We hope that each member experiences a sense of appreciation for the joy and richness of belonging to a lively and compassionate community.

Please direct an inquiry to us or call 262-375-3890 if you would like more information about membership at UCN.