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Description: The question, “Does God care about who wins football games?” (Aaron Rogers says no, Russell Wilson says yes), will be answered through t
Description: How do we find the courage to be ourselves, to accept ourselves and to love ourselves in the presence of life’s challenges?
Description: Join us for a service centered on respecting differences in personality and ideology from the perspective of a prominent local Rabbi.
Description: James E. Causey is an award winning columnist and blogger for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial Board.
Description: Paul Norton is a practicing Mahayana Buddhist in the tradition
Description: Instead of "a good talking to," most of us really need "a good listening to."  Our hectic schedules don't encourage us to listen deeply
Description: Through a series of engaging stories, please join us as we delve beneath the surface of things to “Treasures and Blessings of a Differen
Description: Poet Robert Hayden once said, “In poetry you are trying to say what cannot be said any other way—and, in some poems, you are trying to s
Description: This quotation from the Dalai Lama has long been a favorite of Linda's.
Description: Get Angry, Then Get Over It,”  Rev. Joyce Palmer
Description: Join us in the sanctuary on Sunday, January 4, at 10:00 am for our annual all-church talent show.
Description:  We will reflect on the year that has just passed, and look forward to the hope of a new year.
Description: Our Holiday Pageant highlights the conflict between The Spirit of Christmas and the Ghost of Grumps.
Description: In our culture, the “pursuit of happiness” has largely gone awry.
Description: In the midst of the winter holidays, it's easy to get overwhelmed with expectations--our own and others'.
Description: Scott is a native of Sheboygan County, grew up all over the midwest, MD at Johns Hopkins, trained in Family Medicine thru the Medical Co
Description: As the Thanksgiving Holiday draws near, we examine the role that gratitude has played in our lives, recognizing the little and big thing
Description:  May Sarton was a prolific writer, publishing more than 50 volumes of poetry, essays, novels, and memoirs.
Description: The last few months have been filled with stories about the abysmal state of VA care in our country.
Description: Today we honor the memories and legacies of our beloved family, friends or mentors who have died by sharing stories of what our relation
Description:  We have an opportunity to expand our worldview by crossing our boundaries to the liberation we can find by confronting our fears.  
Description: The United States has a huge wealth gap, that has in turn created a huge gap in how justice is received and who receives it.
Lay Pastoral Care Team
Description: Stories of healing, stories of being made whole.